Dining for Disney World App Reviews

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Love it !

I really love this app, so usefull some pictures of items in the menu would have be a great addition...

Simple and Easy

Easy to use and has the all the info needed. I wish to see a search option for food and not just resturant names in the future.

Wdw fine

This is a great up and fairly up to date! I like the ease of use. Make it better by adding pictures of food items.

Awesome app

Helped us plan our trip with special meals in Disney. Could book resturaunts before we traveled


Love having all of the menus outlined on one application.

Very good

Very cool for choosing your meals.

Better than allears

This app is great for obsessive Disney planners !

Love the app, not crazy for the food

What a great application, lets me know the prices, what it will cost in cash and on the meal plan. A definite must have for Disney travelers. The food at Disney, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired.

Great For Planners!

If you are a "Foody", and care about where and what you eat this app is for you! Parents can feel like they are on vacation too when choosing places to eat that are more than just "quick service". You can view the menu of every restaurant, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the many different options that Disney has to offer.

Great app for ideas and reservation tracking

Great app for helping to choose restaurants for those unfamiliar with the food or traveling with picky eaters

I love this app!!!

It is so nice to be able to review the restaurants menus before going out to eat. Also I love being able to create my dining schedule and then email it to myself. Awesome job on this app!

We love it !

It gives the family great options when looking for a bite to eat while out.


Unbelievably useful, a must have for your pre-vacation planning!

Love this App.

Very useful & handy for those of you who are heading to Disney. Great to see menus and plan ahead.

Love this app

Has everything u need

Not that great

Menus are not up to date - no waffle sandwich @ Sleepy Hollow, no meatball sliders @ Portobellos, no drink menus or prices anywhere on property. A lot lacking.

It worked great for us :)

My boyfriends a picky eater so having this app was great we could plan out the night before places we could eat so we didnt have to struggle at the park that day, it was awesome :)

Only planned so far but great

We will see how it works when traveling but loved it in the planning stage.

Really useful

This was great for looking at all the menus and prices offline, especially to show my mother who has no internet. It was also easier to compare restaurant menus than allears.net.

Love this app! Its a lifesaver!

Love this app! Its a lifesaver!

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